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Designer Adamantx® Washbasins, Italian design

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Our high-level design Adamantx® washbasins, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, merge fonctionality with aesthetic.
They are 100% made in Italy and are provided with certificate of authenticity and engraved number of series.

Adamantx® is an innovative material with terrific characteristics: thanks to its qualities, it allows you to to create every possible shape, giving life to articles of the most unique design. This special material is the result of years of research, of tests and of laboratory tests. It is a composite material, obtained by the working of foam materials coated with special resins, which is revolutionising the world of design.

It offers several advantages:
  •  It is easy to clean
  •  It is wear resistant
  •  Monolithic look
  •  It is versatile and very light
  •  It is a very sturdy material, with different levels of hardness (up to bulletproof hardness)
Famous designers used this extraordinary material to create high design products, all handmade and provided with certificates.