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Classic and Modern Italian Double Beds

 Online sales of magnificent italian design double beds,  100% Italian design and made ​​in Italy. The bedroom should be the corner of the house where we feel in harmony with ourselves and with the partner. The double bed is king of all the furnishings and must be chosen carefully to feel comfortable in your love nest.

But how to choose the style that best represents you? The wide choice of our e-commerce certainly will not leave room for indecision or disagreements between the couple.

Modern or classic? Upholstered or wrought iron? To each his own. The double bed for you is here. You can also request bespoke double beds or other custom features. Your every wish is in the catalog of For single beds go to section .

Double bed, how to choose

Matches for example by the style of furniture you like: you're feeling romantic people? A double bed in wrought iron with some frivolity might be for you. You are people who love the modern style? A bed sober and robust, square lines, perhaps with container and headboard, might be more suitable for you. Do you feel a bit 'out of the box? In this catalog you will find even more youthful form of double beds and original of imagination and creativity to turn your room. No design, but also in the practical: in e-commerce also find double beds with no headboard and double beds with container or with drawers.

You just have to explore the wide range of beds, the best designer products 100% Italian you can find in online commerce: all the materials that make up our double beds are of quality, with sturdy steel hardware. No plastic, unlike our competitors! Every bed is made with durable top quality by experienced craftsmen. Our beds are all covered by a guarantee of quality and excellence of the product. If you have doubts or concerns and are not entirely convinced not hesitate to contact our staff who will follow you and help you to make the right choice for you.

Discover Prices, and Buy Online our Double Beds

We sell online double beds crafted at the best price you can find on the internet. Every day you can find a selection of double beds in costs super low profile, to bring in your room the best of Italian design at the lowest price ever seen.

Great offers for any type of bed: complete with mattress, upholstered furniture, wrought iron, leather, with drawers or container.

Double beds wrought iron

 The double bed in wrought iron in the collective is the alcove classic, one of the traditional houses. It is not uncommon to think of the wrought iron beds with canopy, those that furnish rooms impressive gifts. But our very wide selection of accessories for the bedroom also includes wrought iron beds and modern style, the fruit of the best Italian artisan design.

Beyond the design, our double beds are ideal to optimize the space of the room, such as a dresser or container to store linens or other objects in the house. If you have a romantic spirit and think that the wrought iron bed should furnish a fabulous room, then you will find even canopy beds.

Whatever style you are looking for your love nest, on our e-commerce furnishing find wrought iron beds and the most competitive prices on the market. Browse our catalog: every day you can find many wrought iron beds on offer or really cheap rates, to complement the highest quality.

Double beds upholstered

 An upholstered bed is immediately comfort. But how many times have opted for another style to spare? In our online shop you are not forced to give up the bed of your dreams: we have many double beds upholstered and offer the lowest prices on the web. Beds with upholstered headboard and economic? Yes, and there are many, for all your needs: the most appropriate measures for the space of your room, models ranging from a myriad of styles, from classic to daring, the materials most sought to achieve an upholstered headboard from the wonders , comfortable and long-lasting. Not forgetting all the comfort he needs a modern family: in our catalog also found many double beds stuffed with dresser or container to help keep the house in order.

What is your idea of ​​comfort for the double padded? Do you want it in fabric, leather, faux leather? We make online sales of these and many other types of beds, always with a focus on the customer, to you, to your diverse demands.

Double beds with storage

You are practical ones, the ones that no matter how aesthetically the bed, provided it is a double bed with container. You have very specific needs and clear ideas. Well, you will still be spoiled for choice and lower prices you have ever seen for double beds with container. Discover all the products of the range or cheaper on offer: you will not find anywhere else so prices for quality craftsmanship and design 100% Italian. You will be amazed also by the cost of double beds with storage brand, the more areas for a room super stylish.

 In our e-commerce there are double beds with storage of any type. As the functionality of the drawer, you can choose between a bed base that serves as a single large box or container divided into practical drawers. In the first case, you will have a very large container, the size of the area of ​​your bed, allowing you to conserve space and to store everything you want: objects, clothes, bags and totes, linens and home. Opt instead for the drawers if you want the convenience of being able to recover any time the effects that you stored free: the advantage of the bed with storage drawers is the convenience and speed. The single drawer at the base of the bed instead involves more effort, but it is undoubtedly an unbeatable solution to keep in order, for example, the leaders of the change of season, those that are used a few times a year.

Think well to the material of the bed with container that is most suited to the overall look of your room. Okay practicality, but a bed carefully chosen that goes well with the rest of the furniture will make you more satisfied and happy to live your room. In our catalog you will find double beds with storage of different sizes of wood, wrought iron, with upholstered headboard in fabric, leather, faux leather or another. In short, from classic to modern drops will surely find the bed that will hit you in the sign.

Modern double beds

 Online sales of the best modern beds you could want, on offer, with functionality and design customizable. Compare prices with modern double beds that are on the internet and in physical stores and discover that as Viadurini there is none.

Our e-commerce Viadurini not disappoint. Looking for a modern bed or particular extraminimal? Want one extreme or the other? Or do you prefer something in between, that has its own personality, but it's simple and adaptable to all kinds of furniture?

Do not wait and take a look at our catalog, where you can find everything from double beds with container, upholstered in leather, faux leather, economic or luxury, with container and dresser. Start now to browse our catalog to find the bed modern style perfect for your room.

Double beds design

 We know that you are always in the hunt for more beds design: the style, the lines, the intrinsic personality of a complement of furniture are aspects which pays increasing attention, because it is right to build a house that reflects its character and responds to our desires. Artistic lines and complex for those who want to be surrounded by beauty and refinement, minimal lines and clean for those who love the simplicity and order that give security, an idea of ​​order and leave free the imagination.

Discover all the prices of our double beds modern design and special offers of each period. On find a wide range of designer bedding by the most skilled Italian artisans. Search our ecommerce double beds modern, design, poster, leather or synthetic leather, with container and much more.

Double beds round

What's more of a maverick round double bed? Because these circular lines fascinate us so much, making us feel a mixture of desire for transgression and desire for order and perfection, qualities of the circle? Everyone has their own reasons and in the bedroom everything is permitted: even have a round bed with mattress rectangular, if you want. Be inspired, then, by the extraordinary range of double beds round and purchased online your next dream come true.

Our beds are cheap, with specials every day. We propose round beds of different measurements and adaptable to your environment, and with characteristics that will improve your experience, such as the container or the base of the revolving bed.


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