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Modern Design Small-Double Upholstered Beds

Why choose a full-size bed? Apparently choose a bed a bit 'larger than normal might seem absurd and a bit' exaggerated. But the difference lies in comfort. If you have a large room with a desk, a beautifully for clothes, a carpet and maybe a relaxing chair, opt for a bed with a classic square could be risky. In fact, if the room is big enough it might get lost and not to create a perfect balance with the other furnishings. In this case, choose a bed for one and a half is certainly the best solution to the problem. In the kids' rooms or single beds these are truly exceptional: comfortable, durable (because in this catalog you will find only products made ​​in Italy), spacious and sumptuous. Exactly, they are accessories that are the masters in a room with great success for all the guests, even the most unexpected. In our online store you will find a wide variety of single beds and a half: design or classic style wood or wrought iron. What we want to emphasize is always the quality of products we offer. All items offered are products made ​​in Italy, made ​​by designers and skilled craftsmen, resistant materials and quality. We care about your health and we guarantee you peace of mind and carefree choosing one of our beds to a square and a half. Let's talk about health because sleep is essential for our body but especially for our mind, which needs several hours a day of rest. With our beds will be easy to remove the daily stress in the evening or to devote a bit 'to themselves during the day when we need to take a little break. We are at your disposal for questions or specific requests, we will help you choose the perfect bed for you, it's a one and a half or two squares.


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