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Bossini shower head with chromotherapy and music Aquavolo

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Stainless steel rain shower head Aquavolo by Bossini, with Music and Chromotherapy

Aquavolo is the stainless steel shower head by Bossini that offers two different jets.
It has an innovative waterfall jet, in combination with the Wide-Rain jet with Easy-Clean Aquavolo® system, a rotating shower head that delivers two different types of water jets.
Music option: the shower head incorporates a sound system with two loudspeakers that can be connected to any tipe of music player.
Chromotherapy option: the shower head incorporates 4 LED lights with 7 colours to create a beneficial chromoterapy effect.
In the horizontal position, Aquavolo delivers a Wide-Rain jet, which recreates the effect of a tropical rain, and is provided with the self-cleaning system "Easy-Clean". By closing it in a vertical position, it automatically delivers a pleasant waterfall effect jet.
Aquavolo® Music-Chromotherapy is the new high-tech shower head by Bossini, created to combine the benefits of music and colours with the relaxing rain and waterfall effects. 


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