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Cactusstyle hot water steel radiator

$ 2.155,29 $ 3.232,93 -33%


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H.1500mm x L. 500mm x Interasse 35 mm
Delivery time
20/25 working days
2 years
This item can be customized. For further information:
Xò by Metalform Design esclusiva Viadurini
Cactusstyle hot water steel radiator, modern design.
6 m²  520 W
10 m²  870 W
12 m²  1045 W
20 m²  1739 W
30 m²  2609 W
50 m²  4347 W

* the data were processed considering a room height of 2,70 m.
** the data provided are purely theoretical and may vary according to the construction and to the environmental characteristics of the building. For further information, please contact a  technician.

Cactus-shaped hot water radiator, original design. Cactusstyle designer radiator is made with the best quality Italian materials and is characterised by a precious handmade welding.

  •  Colourful metal sheet cover
  •  Hidden chromed steel radiator

- Heat output w (Δt50°C) 730

This decorative radiator is available in different colours. View the colour chart and enter the code of the chosen colour in the appropriate box.

Please note that all the valves, including the lockshield valve, are not included in the price. If you want to purchase them, request a quote and send an email at

ATTENTION! Each model can be mounted on already existing systems without further intervention. Thanks to Viadurini, “customization” is the new watchword! If you are interested in a custom-made radiator, send an email and request a quote at

TECHNICAL ADVICE: To keep the radiator in its best condition, we sugget you to mount all the valves using teflon tape instead of hemp, during its installation.

Viadurini is proud to announce the lauch of the new collection, Design Radiators. Design Radiators is the outcome of the collaboration between Viadurini and one of the most important Italian company, which boasts more than 30 years of experience.
The meeting point between the original Italian tradition and the Viadurini's international success gives birth to a 33-pieces collection, available in more than 100 different options. This new collection shakes up the linear traits of the classic radiators, and offers original products to enhance and decorate any room and any space. The collection takes inspiration from contemporary art and from the last European trends. What about the materials? Only the best quality Italian materials are used.
A high level of customization is possible with this collection, thanks to Viadurini. The radiators finally adjust to you!
Colours, patterns and sizes can be personalized. Furthermore, all the products from the Design Radiators collection are available with an increased power in relation to the standard radiators. More water circulates, and our radiators give off more heat than normal radiators. Their power goes from 500W up to 2.400 W. Being extremely versatile, they are the best design solutions for large spaces.

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