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Set of 4 garden chairs Casilda, with stainless steel structure

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Single element: h.chair 79 cm x 46 cm x L.53 cm x D.55 cm
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Set of 4 garden chairs Casilda, with stainless steel structure
This set includes 4 comfortable Casilda design outdoor chairs, which are part of the Talenti Icon collection. The Icon line is synonymous with genius, creativity and style. Products with an elegant look, born from the collaboration with international designers. Icon contains products developed for the outdoors but also perfect for decorating prestigious interiors.
The outdoor chairs Casilda have a brushed stainless steel structure, which is available in two different colors : brushed dark brown (I2) or brushed gold(I3). The structure has been painted twice, in order to grant more resistance. The chairs Casilda are provided with anti-humidity and anti-micorbial Quick Dry Foam upholstery. This type of padding lets the water pass through it, avoiding the formation of mould and ensuring a quick drying process. 
The cushions have weather resistant upholsteries which are easily washable, but they are not removable. Three types of fabric are available, depending on the color you chose for the chair's frame. 
The mokka structure can be combined with Jimmiz mélange gray (C88) or Jimmiz white-beige (C89) fabrics, while the gold structure is combined with the white Para Tempotest fabric (C75).

Bring in your home this fantastic and comfortable set of outdoor chairs with a unique design, entirely made in Italy!

Ramòn Esteve


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