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Cliff Garden Lounge designer Ludovina&Roberto Palomba Talenti

$ 13.463,02
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divano L 184 x P 100 x H 90 , H seduta 38 cm / chaiselongue L 184 x P 100 x H 90 , H seduta 38 cm / tavolino L 75 x P 75 x H 45 cm / tavolino L 90 x P 90 x H 35 cm
Ludovica & Roberto Palomba
Delivery time
15 working days
Top material
Base material
synthetic cord
seat material
Cliff outdoor lounge by Talenti, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba
This proposal for outdoor furniture from the Cliff by Talenti collection includes:
- 1 x right modular sofa with synthetic cord structure and removable fabric cushions, with dry foam padding.
- 1 x modular left chaise longue with synthetic cord structure and removable fabric cushions, with dry foam padding.
- 1 x coffee table H45 cm with cord frame and aluminum top.
- 1 x H 35 coffee table with cord structure and aluminum top.
PLEASE NOTE: the back cushions and decorative cushions of the sofa and chaise longue are not included in the price. Write to us for a price quotation.

Synthetic rope is a material consisting of a double braid built with a polyester core and a multi-filament propylene covering. The external fiber of which it is composed is waterproof and resistant to UV rays.
Aluminum: thanks to the fusion of several aluminum alloys, the product takes on greater solidity. It is also characterized by easy handling and rust resistance. It is a high quality material and allows to reach the highest qualitative and aesthetic results.
Maintenance: to keep the product in good condition for a long time, correct periodic cleaning is recommended, particularly in places with high humidity and a marine climate. It is recommended to clean the surfaces with a soft cloth, using water or neutral detergents. Prolonged and continuous exposure to intense UV radiation or very cold temperatures can affect the initial characteristics of the colored estetitco coating made of polyester. We recommend cleaning and storing the products in sheltered places during prolonged and winter periods of inactivity.

Available in the following combinations:
- sofa and chaise longue with beige rope structure and beige cushion (100% PP fabric)
- sofa and chaise longue with beige rope structure, green cushion (100% PP fabric)
- sofa and chaise longue with dark gray rope structure, dark gray cushion (100% acrylic fabric, water repellent) .
The tables always have a beige finish for the rope frame and beige for the aluminum top.

Give yourself a garden furniture with an exclusive design, made with top quality materials. The Cliff collection is based on the combination of different materials, born from the research for ever new languages. is synonymous of great versatility. The details, made with intertwined nautical cords and geometric-patterned fabrics, create a sense of playfulness with a super-glamorous touch. The chromatic variety combined with the modularity of the structures makes it possible to arrange the elements in absolute freedom, generating infinite combination of possibilities.
We are official Talenti resellers, so we can supply you with any item of this brand. Contact us for information.
N.B. : For additional protection we recommend using the appropriate covers in the winter season, in the evening or with frequent rainfall. Contact us for a price quotation.

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