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Set of 3 Coltellerie Berti La cerimonia dei formaggi cheese knives

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Stainless steel
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Coltellerie Berti
Coltellerie Berti La cerimonia dei formaggi, set of 3 cheese knives.
Set of 3 cheese knives (one for 3 different kinds of cheese). 
The Compatte: this type of knife is generally used for cheeses with a very high and rounded shape, such as parmesan, pecorino romano, Sardinian flower, Sicilian canestrato, mature castelmagno , the gavoi and all the cheeses with similar characteristics.
The Semidure: this type of knife is generally used for cheeses  like fontina, raschera, fresh toma, emmenthal, young asiago, Sicilian canistrato and all cheeses with similar characteristics.
The Pastemolli: this type of knife is generally used for cheeses  like gorgonzola, mozzarella, robiole, the quartirolo formaggella from Val Camonica, the murianengo, the panerone and all the cheeses with similar characteristics. This knife is equipped, at the end of the blade, with a small fork that will come in handy for serving the prepared portions.

The surface finish of the blade is mirrored by hand. Produced completely  by hand in small quantities, the crafstmen  who start them finish them: on each blade you will find the initials of the craftsman who made them. The heat treatment also includes under-cooling at -80 ° C in order to guarantee maximum capacity and duration of the cut. Folding knives, even when made with Plexiglas handles cannot be washed  in the dishwasher. It is advisable to clean with a damp cloth or if it is necessary to wash by hand with water  (max. 40 ° C). Dry it carefully and immediately after cleaning. Please consider as follows:
1. The dishwasher quickly ages any object washed in it.
2.  The higher the quality, the less the blade will be stainless
3. the blades may stain with small reddish spots or with large bluish halos:
a. if left to drain or dry in the dishwasher
b. if left dirty for a long time after use
c. if the the water is rich in iron
4. a good hand wash and a careful drying after washing are the secret to keep your knives at their best.
5. hand wash and immediate drying are MANDATORY for knives with horn handles, wood or other natural materials.
6. Do not wash with aggressive detergents or water at temperatures above 60 ° C.
- full tang knives
- weight: 201 gr.
- stainless steel blade
- handle: Red plexiglas

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