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Coltellerie Berti Convivio folding knife with ox horn handle

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Stainless steel
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Coltellerie Berti
Coltellerie Berti Convivio. 
I Convivio: The Berti family has been making knives for more than one hundred years, since 1895. It all began with David when he opened his first workshop in Via dell’Oche in Scarperia, and the family tradition has continued without interruption ever since: David was followed by Severino then Alvaro and now Andrea is keeping the wonderful tradition alive. Remember though, producing knives just for the sake of inheriting a tradition is not enough, it is important to have been doing it for quite some time, just about a century!
The surface finish of the blade is mirrored by hand. Produced completely  by hand in small quantities, the crafstmen  who start them finish them: on each blade you will find the initials of the craftsman who made them. The heat treatment also includes under-cooling at -80 ° C in order to guarantee maximum capacity and duration of the cut. Folding knives, even when made with Plexiglas handles cannot be washed  in the dishwasher. It is advisable to clean with a damp cloth or if it is necessary to wash by hand with water  (max. 40 ° C). Dry it carefully and immediately after cleaning.  It is very useful from time to time to lubricate the point of rotation of the blade with Vaseline oil.
- blade: 10,1 cm
- weight: 53 gr
- stainless steel blade
- handle: ox horn

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