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Coltellerie Berti Maremmano ox horn pocket knife, made in Italy

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Stainless steel
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Coltellerie Berti
Coltellerie Berti Maremmano pocket knife. 
I Maremmani: Simple handle and simple spring with a handle with a traditional black color. Among the oldest of the current Scarperiese production, this knife was in production at the beginning of the 19th century, and disappeared in the second post-war period. The name of this knife indicates its origins. Maremma is an area that extends from southern Tuscany to Civitavecchia,  in the region Lazio. The blades are obtained by laser cutting from special steel cutting plates that allows a very high quality of the blade (fine and neat grain size without forging). The surface finish of the blade is mirrored by hand. Produced completely  by hand in small quantities, the crafstmen  who start them finish them: on each blade you will find the initials of the craftsman who made them. The heat treatment also includes under-cooling at -80 ° C in order to guarantee maximum capacity and duration of the cut. Folding knives, even when made with Plexiglas handles cannot be washed  in the dishwasher. It is advisable to clean with a damp cloth or if it is necessary to wash by hand with water  (max. 40 ° C). Dry it carefully and immediately after cleaning.  It is very useful from time to time to lubricate the point of rotation of the blade with Vaseline oil.
- blade: 10.5 cm
- weight: 82 gr.
- stainless steel blade
- handle: ox horn 

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