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Coltellerie Berti Severino ox horn pocket knife, made in Italy

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Stainless steel
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Coltellerie Berti
Coltellerie Berti Gobbo Severino. 
Il Gobbo Severino:
With you always, just like in the old days. The faithful pocket companion is once again with you. A favorite of Severino Berti who never left his house without it. A knife ready for anything from opening bank letters, cutting parcel strings and trimming rope ends. A robust knife set on a brass plate according to the tradition. In use in Scarperia around the beginning of the 20th century. Reviving a past tradition, distant yet still present.
The surface finish of the blade is mirrored by hand. Produced completely  by hand in small quantities, the crafstmen  who start them finish them: on each blade you will find the initials of the craftsman who made them. The heat treatment also includes under-cooling at -80 ° C in order to guarantee maximum capacity and duration of the cut. Folding knives, even when made with Plexiglas handles cannot be washed  in the dishwasher. It is advisable to clean with a damp cloth or if it is necessary to wash by hand with water  (max. 40 ° C). Dry it carefully and immediately after cleaning.  It is very useful from time to time to lubricate the point of rotation of the blade with Vaseline oil.
- blade: 8,6 cm
- weight: 80 gr
- stainless steel blade
- handle: ox horn

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