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Composition bathroom furniture suspended design Light by Cipì

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Composition bathroom furniture suspended Top Light
Solution for bathroom furniture consists of furniture and accessories of high design.
The composition comprises:
- Suspended top Light
- Under suspended top Light
- Sink Snob
- Mirror Square Reflex
- Ladder Lift
- Accappatioio

Top suspended for bathroom Top Light
Top suspended in 5754 with aluminum brackets retractable provided. Box-shaped structure with a removable closure bottom which covers and insulates the full internal structure. Oxidation and scratch-resistant powder coating. Drain hole sink / faucet on request.
Color: rust with rough surface.
Measures 100 x 50 x 21 cm

Under top corbel suspended container for bathroom
Corbel suspended aluminum 5754 structure integral aluminum sheet with raised edges and direct wall mounting using stirrups. Oxidation and scratch-resistant powder coating.
Color: rust with rough surface.
Measures 98 x 30 x 12 cm

Sink resin bath Snob
Countertop basin-shaped bathtub. Made of resin compound and mineral powders with low thickness.
White color.
Drain and exhibition included.
Measures 55 x 40.5 x H 16 cm

Bathroom mirror design with LED light Square Reflex
Mirror polished edge by about 6 mm square box structure illuminated LED and moveable. All mirror moves to the user with a simple gesture closer to the face and brightening around the entire perimeter.
Screws and hardware and installation instructions included in the kit.
Measures 58 x 58 cm

Ladder towel design Lift
Ladder towel rail and multipurpose ultralight metal chrome steel.
Measures 44 x 170 cm


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