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Connubia Calligaris Airport extendable ceramic dining table 260 cm

$ 3.148,81


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L 130(195/260) x W 90 x H 76,5 cm
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20 working days
Connubia Calligaris Airport extendable ceramic dining table 260 cm.
Extendable table with metal structure and rectangular Ceramic top. Super extendable. It is the ideal table both for the kitchen and for elegant dining rooms. Thanks to the semi-automatic patented opening mechanism, Airport table can double  its base length in 2 easy steps (up to 260 cm). 
Top finish: concrete.
Structure available in different finishes: select from the drop-down menu the colour you want.
Please note that the top of this table is available in other materials and colours, in addition to the one proposed.  If you need further information, contact us at 

- Easy to move and to extend thanks to the small wheels inside the legs
- Equipped with a semi-automatic extending system
- Legs on the four corners, designed for the best comfort
- Suitable for 10 people
- Modern and contemporary design
If you need further information…
In order to open the table you simply need to place yourself in front of the shorter side.
Under the structure supporting the table you'll find two handles. Take the handles and pull the table top towards yourself: the table will extend to 195 cm. Repeat to extend it up to 260 cm.
To close the table you simply need to follow the same procedure but in reverse: you'll find two buttons this time, when you activate them the tracks upon which the extension slides are released and with a small push the leaf gets hidden inside the table.

Ceramic-wood laminate is a product obtained by applying a slab of ceramic (porcelain stoneware) to a panel of wood particles with a special gluing technique. Porcelain stoneware is a ceramic material obtained from raw materials of special value and purity, compacted at very high pressure and cooked at 1200 ° C. The porcelain stoneware worktop offers exceptional characteristics in terms of resistance to scratches, bumps, stains, thermal changes and chemical products. It is easy to clean and absolutely hygienic as it does not absorb liquids and does not release harmful substances.

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