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Design desk in Adamantx® Ego Made in Italy, for working with style

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$ 6.549,98


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Delivery time
6/7 working weeks
Viadurini Design
Ego desk Design Made in Italy
Designer: Rosaria Column
Material: Adamantx®
Dimensions: L 190 x P 80 x H 80 cm
Weight: 26.00Kg

Meant to be the center of attention.
Desk unique design and original monolithic structure, lacquered finish in two colors, with cable ways crater effect.
The structure is made entirely of ceramic Adamantx® with protection against scratches and wear and tear over time.

Adamantx® is an innovative material with which it is possible to create any form, to create objects and projects from the design unique.
It is a composite material, obtained by processing of foam coated with special resins, which is revolutionizing the world of design. A material that comes from years of study, trials and testing laboratory techniques.
- Easy to clean
- Very high wear resistance
- Appearance monolithic
- Self-extinguishing class 1
- Versatile: you can create any shape
- Light: is a material composed of a unique lightness, then easily

- Resistant
- Solid: so performabile and adaptable to various needs can achieve surface hardness
variable, up all'antiproiettile
- Uniformity: not present any kind of visible joint Designer: Susan Caruso

All products Zad are accompanied by a progressive serial number eg. (®ADX-001), had a direct effect on the complement to give more importance, value, authenticity and uniqueness to each piece purchased.
In addition to any product will be combined with a "Certificate of Authenticity", inside of which will be explained and guaranteed that our articles:
- Are made ​​entirely in Italy by craftsmen.
- They have stood the test quality.
- They are authentic and unique.
- They are made ​​in Adamantx®.

You will be also specified:
- By whom it was designed and created the object.
- By whom it was produced the object.
- By whom it was sold.
- Who is certified and guaranteed.
- The name of the product.
- The legal owner of the purchased.
- The serial number of belonging.

For each item purchased will be combined with a customized catalog, in which will be shown and described in 20 pages the peculiarities and characteristics of the article of reference, with a look at our other design object and unmistakable.
Zad Italy: a team of young designers committed to offer items of great style that maintain functionality and quality, thanks to an innovative material from the many advantages, the 'Adamantx®. Furnishings unique, high design, can be leaders in any environment be included.

  • excellent quality / price ratio
  • high level design
  • functionality and aesthetics
  • handcrafted
  • innovative material Adamantx®
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • serially numbered engraved
  • customized catalog in 20 pages
  • photo report in HD pre-delivery
  • Packaging indestructible
  • Shipments within Italy

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