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Italian professional kitchen knives and cutlery

Professional collection and kitchen knives
How to choose the best knives collection matching your needs to the largest extent possible? What are the best-quality ones like?
Here below you will find a practical guide assisting you in your choice. And remember: knives are essential tools and that is why they should be as practical, sharp and easy-to-manage as possible.
Knife blade materials

Carbon steel: a very ancient steel and carbon alley. The product resulting is typically of high resistance and low price. However, it might get rusty quite easily and therefore it requires a cautious care.
Inox steel: it has the special characteristic of being acid and humidity resistant as well, thus it will never get rusty.
Ceramic: it makes knives very light and considerably sharp. Nevertheless, the absence of steel prevents the blade from damaging and some food from oxidizing (like vegetables, for instance), even though it is no doubt more fragile.
Knife handle materials
Wood: a wooden knife handle is very practical but, due to the porosity of the material itself, it is likely to absorb micro-organisms. Therefore, dishwasher should be avoided in favor of hand wash.
Plastic: plastic knives are light, practical and, unlike the wooden ones, do not tend to absorb micro-organisms. However, compared to other typologies, these knives are more imprecise.
Inox steel: this is the preferred material by Chefs, thanks to its resistance and sanitary characteristics. They are quite heavy, so they’d better be tested to know if they match personal expectations and abilities.  
There exist a large variety of professional kitchen knives types like, for example, the chef knife, vegetable knife (Santoku), serrated knife, knife for deboning, for threading and also big roast forks. Those who are passionate will find interesting the cleaver or the crescent-shaped mincing knife as well.
Accessories for the maintenance of your knives are also of major importance. Among those you can find, for example, tools for sharpening your blades directly from home.
A useful tip for the maintenance of your knives? Hand wash them and dry them off immediately after.
In our e-shop you will find many varieties of our professional and collection knives by Coltelleria Berti, all of high quality and at convenient prices.


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