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Indoor baskets for cats and dogs, made in Italy

Indoor Dogs and cats baskets made in Italy

Anyone who has a dog takes care of its comfort. Affection, cuddles and attention are essential elements to make your puppy feel better. Equally important is to create "an exclusive space" for them. These baskets can offer to your pet the perfect place to relax.

For All These Reasons, We Should consider several factors When We choose.

First of all the dimensions. The first factor we need to consider is the basket's size, not too big, not too short.

Materials: for materials' choice it is Necessary to take into account the location of the basketball, if external or internal. It is possible to find a lot of different materials: wood, plastic or metal. These are perfect solutions for outdoor spaces. A pethouse made of leather is perfect for an internal use.

The structure is so important. The entrance of the basket can be frontal or lateral. The important thing is to have the right protection from external atmospheric agents such as rain or wind.
Wesly is a glamorous basket for cats and dogs in bonded leather, completely handmade by Italian craftsmen masters. It presents an original shape. It seems to be a cloud and it is a very creative solution! You can choose the color of the nest and the pillows - available in many nice fantasies.

Wesly's personalization does not stop here; In fact, you can order the size you want!

Thanks to These beautiful baskets, our loyal friends will enjoy the Italian high quality!
Choose the basket of your dreams with Viadurini!


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