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Modern design small double bed Vienna

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Viadurini Collezione Notte
Modern design small double bed Vienna, made in Italy
Designer small double bed, available with storage and orthopaedic slatted bed base or with pull out bed.
A simple design with stunning details!

Anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial Madryt fabric coating:
Materials: 60% PU - 36% PL - 04% CO
Martindale: 15.000 rubs
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 580 gr/ml
You can customise the bed by choosing the coating colour which adapts the best to your personality and to your decorating style.
View the colour chart and write the code of the desired colour.

L 138 X H 112 X D190 207 / D200 217 cm  suitable for a slatted bed base of width 120 cm 
L 158 X H 112 X D190 207 / D200 217 cm  suitable for a slatted bed base of width 140 cm 
L 168 X H 112 X D190 207 / D200 217 cm  suitable for a slatted bed base of width 150 cm 

L= maximum overall dimensions of the headboard
H= height (H 5 cm leg included)
D190= depth with a 190 cm mattress
D200= depth with a 200 cm mattress

The option with slatted bed base of width 120 cm and storage (Classic or Easy Up) is supplied with the Basic orthopaedic slatted bed base. Basic has a painted iron frame 40x30 with 12 birch slats.
Dimensions: L 120 x Thickness 4 x 3

The option with slatted bed base of width 140-150 cm and storage (Classic or Easy Up) is supplied with the Superior orthopaedic slatted bed base. Superior has a iron frame painted with epoxy powder 40x30 with 14 birch slats, with double central bar.
Dimensions: L 140/150 x Thickness 4 x 3

You can choose between two different storage options: Classic Storage or Easy Up.

Classic Storage:
Storage bed with raising slatted bed, front opening.
The slatted bed has 14  birch slats.  PreassembLED hinge mechanism with gas strut.
Metal frame base with wooden slats.

 Easy Up Storage:
"Double movement" practical storage bed; horizontal movement.
It is safe from accidental closure.

Pull out bed with handle and mattress, ONLY FOR SLATTED BASE BED D190:
The pull out bed is supplied with a lever mechanism to easily extract it.
Pulling the handle, the slatted bed lifts and the legs of the bed  open automatically, with the minimum effort.
* With the pull out bed version, the bedframe (art. 33) with retractable legs H 3 cm is supplied. 

This bed can be customised with LED courtesy lights and Chromotherapy lights.
To have them, select and buy the articles "LEDPERLETTI" (LED lights) and "CROMOTERAPIAPERLETTI" (Chromotherapy lights).

This bed offers you a total freedom of expression, being 100% customisable. It can be customised with your favourite colours, with your photos, with your favourite singer or with the team of your heart. ASK US FOR A QUOTE!
This bed is also available in the versions for  80/90/160/170/180 x 190/200 cm mattress.

  • Because you are buying an ENTIRELY MADE IN ITALY product
  • Because it is an HANDCRAFTED product
  • Because care, dedication and quality are the basic principles of our production
  • Because we carefully selected different options of fabric and leather coatings
  • Because you have the possibility to buy a custom made bed
  • Because every part of the bed can be customised, from the headboard to the feet
  • Because we thought of the young people, by dedicating them a wide collection, which includes dynamic modern beds and and innovative sofa-beds
Bedrooms that talk about you, your moments, your needs. Even your desires.
Let a simple bed become part of you and let it express what you dream. The upholstered beds of the series Viadurini Collezione Notte are customizable in every detail, from the lining, to the legs, to the measure...Create your own bed with Viadurini!

  • entirely made in Italy
  • handcrafted
  • endless customization possibilities
  • customized measures
  • available with courtesy LED lights and Chromotherapy

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