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Viadurini Contract is the answer to the need of any entrepreneur or entity that wants to furnish its environment with style; be they offices, luxury hotels, B & Bs, boats, ships, restaurants / pizzerias, universities ... Viadurini can!

Thanks to a rich catalog of more than 20,000 carefully selected products, Viadurini has the special competence to translate the aesthetic and functional needs of the customer into a colorful range of solutions.

The Romagna e-commerce, favors and often anticipates international tastes and trends, with an infinite choice of Made in Italy products, guaranteeing maximum quality and attention to detail for each piece.
Viadurini specializes in supplies for contract furnishing and has often made exclusive projects of all kinds, materializing their ideas and proposing solutions as close as possible to the request, sometimes even exceeding expectations.

Direct contact with manufacturing companies allows Viadurini to satisfy even the most unusual requests for custom-made products. Personalization is the key word. If you do not find the color or size of the chosen design furnishing accessory, Viadurini can create it directly ad hoc for your client, as he has already done several times.
For those in search of unique pieces, the special Viadurini Collection offers more than 3000 items created exclusively for the brand.

Thanks to a highly qualified Viadurini team, originally born to serve the Italian market, now it is on the international market thanks to the official website translated into 12 languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch and Russian) providing assistance both by chat and by phone.

If you are curious and want to take a look at those who have already worked with us, look at the section of our blog dedicated to it: "Click here to access the BLOG".

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