12 pieces Porcelain Elegant Hand-Decorated Favor Plate - Rafiki

  • Code: RAFIKI4
$ 164,45
Material porcelain
Color White
Delivery time 10/15 working days

12 Favor plates in white porcelain, with hand-made floral decoration in relief, available in two sizes.

The high quality porcelain plate was created to decorate the table with refined beauty and romance. Used as a gift wedding favor because of its highly elegant and refined character, its peculiarity is given by the marked aesthetic finesse, enriched by the refined edges with floral reliefs and hand-perforated decorations that enhance the dishes making the table glamorous and classy.
The dish has an expression inspired by a Baroque style design , full of romance and sweet memories.

Strengths :
  • Quality : the selected raw materials allow to create high quality porcelain products.
  • Design : this is an eco-friendly line embellished with elegant relief decorations and hand-pierced motifs.
  • Originality : what makes porcelain so unique is the unusual language of its shapes with sinuous contours and brilliant surfaces with translucent white, superbly decorated.
Color :
  • Translucent white
Composition :
  • 100% fine porcelain
Technical features :
  • The double firing at 1280 ° of the precious ceramic mixture gives the porcelain maximum strength and a special brilliance of the translucent white glaze.
  • The article is embellished with romantic relief decorations and exclusive perforated designs on the borders, handmade by master craftsmen.
  • Resistant to abrasion and thermal shock.
  • The production complies with the European ISO 6486-1 standards, respecting the health of people and protecting the environment.
Available sizes :
  • Round saucer 15,5 cm perforated
  • Round perforated plate 20.5 cm
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