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High quality terry towels and Italian textile crafts for the design bathroom

High quality raw materials and made in Italy craftsmanship are the fundamental prerogative of all our terry towels.

In our catalog you will find our pure cotton terry, made with a special processing that makes it soft to the touch and very absorbent .
Our cotton terry towels are made by the best Italian craftsmen to make them unique in appearance and distinguishable from the crowd.

Face and guest towels, bidet towel. Each towel is chosen to be an excellent accessory to allow all members of the family to dry their hands, face and every part of the body, and at the same time an elegant textile accessory to furnish the bathroom.

The term towel indicates a fabric capable of absorbing water which, after washing, wets the skin. The use of fabrics such as terry is chosen to make face and guest towels, due to their characteristic softness.

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