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Rugs for the living room, hand-made and customizable for true luxury Made in Italy design.

Among our proposals you will find designer rugs made with multicolored wool and jute for those who love color and want to give a special touch to their living area. Or chenille and hemp rugs with customizable sizes and to finish polypropylene rugs for those who love modern design for their salon.

The primary function of a rugs is to make the room where it is placed more welcoming. But how can we choose the ideal one for every room in the house?
The first thing we have to pay attention to is the placement of the carpet. There are the classic doormats that are placed at the entrance, equipped with large bristles to allow us and our guests to clean the shoes before entering. Then there are those beautiful large living room rugs that with their colors and textures give atmosphere and naturally complement the decor of the room. Pay attention to the dimensions and colors.
The advice we would like to give is to not buy extra large rugs for the living room and the bedroom, or too small.
In the first case we would have to make sure that the sofa or the bed are positioned above the carpet with the consequence of ruining it. In the second case the risk is to buy a carpet that is dispersive and not very relevant inside the room.

Ask our staff for advice before buying any of our catalog items. Those that we offer for sale online are all handmade with quality materials, modern design and more or less gaudy colors. A wide selection of perfect rugs to make your home as cozy and colorful as possible.
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