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Viadurini was born in 2015 in the charming medieval village of Santarcangelo di Romagna , a stone's throw from the sunny and touristic Rimini. And it is right here in the bright and warm "Riviera Romagnola", full of passion and enthusiasm, that the idea behind the Viadurini company develops and deepens.
Does the name suggest anything to you? We chose it because Via Durini is the famous street of luxury furniture in Milan and our goal is precisely to overturn design shopping by bringing Italian design furniture all over the world and no longer the world in a ' only way!

Giuliano Cranchi , Giovanni Cranchi and Gianni Gozzi , founders of Viadurini, love the design and quality of Made in Italy and have passed this passion on to their staff as well. They think that the resources we possess in Italy thanks to the numerous artisans who offer exclusive and quality products deserve a showcase in which to shine internationally. We continually travel around Italy in search of craftsmen who create unique and quality products to offer to our customers.
Our motto has always been: " E-commerce either you manage it or you suffer it " and we started this adventure in the world of design furniture in an unconventional way for many, but being convinced that this will be the trade of the future. . Our goal is to give the opportunity to all those who love Italian design to buy it from the comfort of their home in Italy, in many European countries and beyond!

Our business is mainly developed abroad, in countries such as France , Spain , Great Britain , Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, the United States and Russia, however our structure allows us to reach every part of the world. This is made possible thanks to our operational team made up of 35 people, 15 of which are native speakers who look after our customers in their mother tongue, responding to requests in real time in 19 owned e-commerce sites .
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