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Made in Italy
Viadurini Fire Design
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Made in Italy
Viadurini Fire Design
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Electric wall-mounted design fireplace - Heating designed and developed by made in Italy artisans.

It is of great scenic effect and can be placed in the relaxation area of the house or adjacent to the dining room table. Surely it will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a strong aesthetic impact.

The line of electric wall fireplaces makes elegance their winning card. Slender and refined but at the same time sober in color and in the stretch are the optimal solution to make a wall special. The features are completed by an extreme silence, a fire and embers effect of incredible realism and, in some models, a practical heating function with two powers and a handy remote control supplied as standard for remote operation.
Also worth noting are the very low energy consumption of the fireplaces in our collection.
They are in fact electric fireplaces that take advantage of the nebulized water to create the flame and smoke effect, but very little water is needed: with a liter it is possible to feed the fireplace for 12 hours.

Let yourself be amazed by the wide choice of wall hung electric fireplaces on our site, you will find many models including the one suitable for your home.
Our staff is at your disposal to assist you during the purchase and to answer your questions about the products on our site through our e-mail address and the appropriate chat at the bottom of the page.
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