Made in Italy

Art Towel Hand Printed in Cotton Unique Piece Italian - Viadurini by Marchi

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: COLL3
$ 93,48
Material Honeycomb cotton
Color Rust - Greek Pompeian drawing
Delivery time 7/10 working days
Custom-made This item can be customized. For further information:

Bath towel in pure white honeycomb cotton with rust-colored Pompeian Greek print handmade, unique piece, made in Italy.

Since 1633 art, history, passion, tradition, manual skills animate this laboratory of hand prints on natural fabrics.

Each item, created strictly by hand in our printing house, is unique.

The various processing phases have been the same for 387 years, including the manganatura  (ironing and pressing of the fabric) which is still performed with the Mangano of 1633, the only example in the world.  

Each item requires working days and the various  phases include:

  1. Choice of fabricthe 100% natural fabrics used are selected after a careful evaluation, taking into consideration the quality and resistance over time even after numerous washes.
  2. Washing: the fabric is washed and dried naturally.
  3. Cut: the fabric is  cut by hand to the size and shape of the article to be created.
  4. Manganatura: this phase is carried out with the mangle of 1633 in order to iron, compact and press the fabric, so that at the time of printing the color will be fully absorbed by the fabric and the design will be homogeneous.
  5. Mark the outlines: with a chalk pencil the outlines and edges in which the drawing will be shown are outlined.
  6. Preparation of the color: as per the recipe of the 1600s, the colors are produced manually using natural ingredients that give unique and lively shades, while guaranteeing an optimal yield and maximum resistance. The primary colors prepared are: rust, blue, green, red.
  7. Hand printinggreat skill for this phase that takes place by hand with wooden molds in which the design was engraved by hand. The color is spread on the pad where the mold is dipped, which is then positioned on the fabric and with a heavy wooden mallet it is beaten over the mold to impress the design on the fabric.
  8. Color dryingafter printing, the fabric is laid out to dry for a few days.
  9. Fixing of the color: another important phase to guarantee the duration of the color and maintain its brilliance over time.
  10. Ironing with the mangle: second phase of ironing the fabric necessary for the preparation for the next phase, that of packaging and sewing.
  11. Sewing: in this phase all hemmings and finishing are  performed.
  12. Last ironing with the mangle: the article is ready to be used.  

The whole manufacturing process, being carried out as in 1633, is naturally low environmental impact, eco-sustainable, because energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Each creation is to be considered a true work of art, unique and unrepeatable in its kind.
Manual processing at all stages of production makes every single item unique and every small detail that might seem like an imperfection, shows that the work was performed by a master craftsman and not by a machine.

Technical information:

  • Fabric: 100% honeycomb cotton. Among the main characteristics of honeycomb fabrics there is certainly the high hydroscopicity, namely the high water absorption capacity and therefore the great drying power, as well as being extremely comfortable and practical.
  • Three sizes  available: 40 x 60 cm; 60 x 100 cm; 120 x 150 cm.
  • Color: Rust.
  • Washing instructions: You can machine wash. The item will be shipped with detailed washing instructions.
  • NB = The three products of different sizes can be purchased together to obtain a matching kit.

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