Bathtub in cast iron with Pierce vintage glossy finish

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$ 20.369,07
Measures 1780 x 800 mm; Peso 182 Kg; Capacità 240 L
Delivery time 40 workign days
Designer Cast Iron Bathtub with Pierce Gloss Finish
Freestanding bathtub entirely made of cast iron resting on the ground. Internal 2 mm titanium enamelled finish and externally coated in polished cast iron. Bathtub that represents the top of luxury!

- Faucet and drain excluded

What are the advantages of enameled cast iron tubs? Lots!
Here are the main points:
• They are an ecological product. Unlike acrylic, enameled cast iron is a green solution.
• Used more and more in environments where hygiene, durability and performance requirements take on the utmost importance, cast iron tanks are excellent for counteracting bacterial proliferation.
• Ideal for a relaxing and healthy bath. Cast iron is a non-flammable material that does not emit any toxic gas or smoke in the event of a fire.
• Compared to other materials - such as acrylic and iron - cast iron absorbs annoying water and bathroom noises to the maximum.
Solid and unalterable over time. Unlike acrylic, cast iron tubs have a high resistance to multiple factors; fire, shock, and chemicals.
Economic . The cast iron keeps the water temperature unchanged and constant.
Easy maintenance . The glazed surface is smooth and compact. This is why it does not retain limescale and is easy to clean.
100% EU production - 25 year guarantee
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