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Daybed made with polyethylene resin, modern design Ulm by Vondom

$ 6.531,39
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210x200x97 cm
Delivery time
3 weeks
89.3 Kg
Daybed Ulm collection by Vondom, in polyethylene resin
A collection modeled with a hereditary, universal and logical charm. A collection of functional chairs that creates a perfect balance between design, technology and ergonomics based on a basic cube, a prism and spherical shapes. The Ulm collection seeks unity within its design and other products, combining different elements that form a complete whole.
The daybed embodies rigid and resistant structures for rest and support that offer total comfort. The material used for the structure is polyethylene, resistant to utri and climate change.
Available in the following colors: white, black, bronze, steel, anthracite, pistachio, violet, beige, ecrù, taupe, khaki, navy, ice, red and orange.

Sunshade available in: white, steel, ecrù and bronze, as shown in the photo.
For other variations contact us for a price quotation!

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