Made in Italy

Bright Coffee Table with Sparkling Wine Bottle, Outdoor or Indoor Design - Lily by Myyour

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: 10512LILY
$ 1.323,17
Measures L 110 x H 41 cm
Delivery time 3/4 working weeks

Design outdoor/indoor polyethylene coffee table with light and wine cooler.

Design: Moredesign
The innate elegance of the convivial and sparkling Lily line is perfectly enhanced by this table. Once again, Lily reinvents the values of hospitality with originality and class. The Lilly line, designed for those who want to embellish the outdoor spaces of their home with an innovative touch of practicality and comfort is enriched with a new table characterized by exclusive features.
Thanks to a specific rounded hole in the elegant Poleasy shell, the table has room for two bottles of Champagne. 

Illumination: 3.2 W RGB LED with lithium electric induction charging method; remote control and induction charger included.

Finish: POLEASY®
It is not only design and technologies that make the difference in Myyour products: in terms of materials, the Padua-based company reaches now its maximum level thanks to a new special polyethylene called Poleasy®, developed throughout years of research with the aim of eliminating those surface micropores responsible for the formation of unsightly patinas and possible cracks over time.
Poleasy®, an exclusive worldwide patent, definitively overcomes the problem, guaranteeing for Myyour creations more compact surfaces and truly unique performances in terms of durability, washability and color brilliance.
Poleasy® with excellent mechanical properties, UV stabilized for outdoor applications. 99% free of surface porosity.

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