Made in Italy

Bright Outdoor Vase in Modern Design Polyethylene - Skin by Myyour

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: 70302EXTSKIN
$ 1.102,33
Measures The inf. 33 L sup. 60 H 120cm
Delivery time 3/4 working weeks

Modern design outdoor luminous vase in transparent polyethylene, made in Italy.

Design: en & is Studio
Skin is a family of vases with a linear shape, whose charm is hidden behind a texture that triggers the desire to touch them. The exclusive finish is inspired by the observation of the natural environment details, apparently invisible but not insignificant: everything has its own skin. Skin, is the family of vases that integrates the Myyour collection: this collection is available in dozens of colors in the embossed printed Poleasy version with the ground fixing plate included.
Two sizes are available: S of 55 cm in diameter by 60 cm in height and L of 60 cm in diameter by 120 cm in height. In both cases, the hole for inserting the plant is always 32x32x23.5H cm.
Now, thanks to the low consumption lighting of up to 32 W (not included), the Myyour vase collection also shines with its own light.
Lighting: E27 32W 230V 50 / 60Hz (not supplied)

Finish: POLEASY®
It is not only design and technologies that make the difference in Myyour products: in terms of materials, the Padua-based company has reached it's highest peak with a new special polyethylene called Poleasy® , developed throughout years of research, with the aim of eliminating those surface micropores responsible for the formation of unsightly patinas and cracks. Poleasy® , an exclusive worldwide patent, definitively overcomes the problem, guaranteeing Myyour creations more compact surfaces and truly unique performances in terms of durability, washability and color brilliance.
Poleasy® with excellent mechanical properties, UV stabilized for outdoor applications. 99% free of surface porosity.

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